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Our Services

Initial Consultation 

Project Planning

We offer a free initial consultation service at your property to discuss your vision for the project and give you advice. During the visit, we'll explain the options that we can offer you as well as the feasibility and potential for the project in terms of gaining planning permission, as well as options  for the construction phase and applications.

Following the free initial consultation, we will provide you with a quotation for the architectural work as well as an estimate of overall project costs. 


During the design stage, we will bring form to the initial suggested ideas with proposals and new concepts. 


During this visioning stage, we offer advice on planning issues as well as structural implications and potential cost saving methods relating to the particulars of the design. We provide estimates in terms of time frames for the project, and can give an accurate forecast of potential costs. 


Planning Applications

Detailed Building Control & Structural Design

A planning application must be made up of  the necessary plans (existing and proposed plans, elevations, sections, block plans and locations plans) along with the required supporting documentation (application form, CIL forms, supporting statements etc.) and the correct fee. We can assist with all aspects of gaining planning permission.


If for any reason your application is refused, we will at this point assess  and advise the best way forward whether it be through a further revised application of a planning appeal or a redesign.

Detailed “working” drawings are required before a project can move into the construction phase. These are required for building control purposes and show in detail how the proposal has been designed to adhere to all current building control requirements from a structural point of view as well as all other aspects that come under building control legislation (fire, drainage, acoustic, thermal etc). 


The building control drawings, once approved, are fit for the purpose of handing over to the construction firm.  

Builder Selection

Whilst we don't have affiliations with any one particular construction firm, our experience in the industry has put is in good stead to recommend firms that have previously (and successfully) completed projects similar to yours. We always recommend that you do your own research and due-diligence on firms, however we are on hand to offer you professional guidance.


Site Assistance

Once the construction has started, we can offer some on site assistance if needed.


From time to time, further drawings are needed we can provide these as well as liaise with the construction team to overcome any issues and  ensure  your  project  runs as smoothly as possible.